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Self Driving Cars have been one of the most well-known and popular applications of Artificial Intelligence today. Numerous news stories and opinions about this technology offer differing perspectives of the technology, some positive and some skeptical. In this blog post, I will explain the companies that are behind Autonomous cars and I will give a brief introduction to the technology (both hardware and software) behind Autonomous Cars. In a future post, I will highlight the most important pros and cons of this technology. …

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Most individuals think of Self-driving cars when they are asked about AI in transportation. However, the introductions of new Autonomous Trucks have the same impact, if not higher, compared to the impact of Autonomous Cars. In this post, let’s take a deeper look at this innovative technology, as well as the numerous pros and cons associated with this relatively new tech.

The rise of Autonomous Truck companies

The Autonomous Truck market is not controlled by a single company. Instead, it is partially controlled by numerous companies that bring new innovations to the industry in order to stay competitive. One of the most successful and well-known company…

Hello! I am Karthik Bagavathy, a member of the Inspirit AI student Ambassadors program. I am a person deeply interested in Artificial Intelligence, especially with its real world applications. While I had a broad knowledge about basic AI models and applications, it was through the Inspirit AI program and independent projects that I have realized my passion for AI. I am studying Artificial Intelligence as a result of my curiosity and desire to learn something new and useful. Outside of AI, I am also interested in chess, space, and reading.

My experience with Inspirit AI has been greatly informational and…

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