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Hello! I am Karthik Bagavathy, a member of the Inspirit AI student Ambassadors program. I am a person deeply interested in Artificial Intelligence, especially with its real world applications. While I had a broad knowledge about basic AI models and applications, it was through the Inspirit AI program and independent projects that I have realized my passion for AI. I am studying Artificial Intelligence as a result of my curiosity and desire to learn something new and useful. Outside of AI, I am also interested in chess, space, and reading.

My experience with Inspirit AI has been greatly informational and phenomenal. Inspirit AI was my first true introduction to the fundamental theory behind AI and it has helped me build a strong foundation in those concepts. We learn foundational AI concepts through real-world examples with the use of hands-on notebooks. The cohort I was a part of was taught by instructor Eric Bradford. After learning the fundamental Machine Learning and Neural Network Algorithms, I built an Object Detection AI model with the help of my instructor. We used cutting edge technology in order to complete the project, helping us understand the processes behind many of the AI models used by Autonomous car companies today.

In future blog posts, I will explain the applications of current Neural Network and Machine learning models on autonomous vehicles, especially Self Driving cars and Autonomous Trucks. I will focus on the benefits and drawbacks that will be associated with this technology and the future potential for these autonomous vehicles. AI has one of the greatest potentials to revolutionize the transportation industry and I hope that my blog posts will help you get a high-level idea of it’s potentials.

These blog posts are for anyone who is interested in AI or interested in the transportation technology. Anyone who is also curious about the future of computers and AI will find these blog posts interesting and informational. I hope that through this blog, I will be able to help my readers understand the true potential of AI and Machine Learning on transportation.

Karthik Bagavathy is a Student Ambassador in the Inspirit AI Student Ambassadors Program. Inspirit AI is a pre-collegiate enrichment program that exposes curious high school students globally to AI through live online classes. Learn more at

A blog that I created to expand on my passions for Artificial Intelligence and other interesting and futuristic technologies